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Welcoming the Spring Equinox & Aries New Moon

The Aries new moon arrives on March 21st, 2023, at 1:23 PM ET. 2023’s new moon in Aries sparks momentum in your personal projects and passions. Now’s the time to commit! Take notes, get organized, and follow through with your goals. Utilize the tools at your disposal. Maybe you succeed at making vision boards, having a mentor or coach guide you, or even by taking a leap of faith. Do what you need to fuel the fire.

Be sure to get your inner circle in on it, too! Later in the day the moon has plans to meet up with communicator Mercury, and we know Mercury has your back. Share your ideas and plans with those who will provide support and encouragement over the next couple of weeks.

Aries is a strong warrior, helping us to navigate our emotional instincts. Aries season is the time to really allow yourself to feel these emotions and trust your instincts. Express yourself! Anger, which is strongly associated with Aries, is an emotion that we women tend to bottle up. There can be a fear surrounding how others may perceive you if that anger slips out. When this happens, women especially, are called bitchy or bossy. There’s also an element of fear that arises in feeling angry — fear of judgment or fear of hurting another person’s feelings.

Having control over your emotional reactions is key. While it’s not always best to completely give into your emotions, it’s important to manage your reactions and how you respond to certain situations. I’m not saying to continue to bottle up that anger – quite the opposite! This new moon is all about feeling and expressing all emotions, including anger, in a positive way. How, you might ask? Reconnect to your power! Dance, stomp, and scream it out! Release that bottled up anger, and move the stagnant energy that you’ve been carrying.

The Spring Equinox, also known as Chunfen in Chinese, graces us on March 20th, right before the appearance of the Aries new moon. This is a potent time to reflect on what we want to manifest for the upcoming year. The Spring Equinox marks the beginning of the new astrological year in the tropical zodiac since the Sun will enter the first sign in the zodiac, Aries. During this time days become longer. The increased light and warmth stimulates nature into action. Root, buds, shoots, and seeds wake up from their slumber into spring. It’s the perfect opportunity for a fresh start.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, spring is associated with shouting (thank you, Aries!), the wood element (representing growth), the color green, and the direction East (the sunrise). Wu Xing, or the Five Phases / Elements, is a Chinese system corresponding to the Western seasons and serves as a framework for understanding the whole universe. This perspective provides a deep understanding of the way we think about the seasons and cycle of life. Without a cold and quiet winter, there would be no blossoming come spring.

With all of this in mind, let us celebrate both the Spring Equinox and the Aries new moon as a fresh start to the year. Plant that garden (both metaphorically and literally), spend time outdoors connecting with nature, create a vision board, make your big idea a reality, shout it out, be a force of change and embrace all the beauty life has to offer.

Acupuncture is a great way to move stagnant energy and support the healing process as you begin anew. Come in for a treatment and let me help guide you through this transition into spring.

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