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Yael AcuWellness

Balancing Mind Body & Soul


Welcome to my Wellevate online dispensary! “Create an Account” to directly access recommended vitamins and supplements, set up automatic refills and receive other communications from me. Plus, shipping is FREE on orders of $49 or more. Please enjoy a 10% off MSRP on all products

At Kamwo herbs, we believe that a healthy outside starts from the inside. Kamwo Meridian Herbs has been the largest dispensary on the east coast since 1973. With an extensive offering of natural wellness options, knowledgable staff and physicians on hand we’ve got you covered. Our comprehensive dispensary includes herbs, aromatherapy products and products sorted by symptom to shock your medicinal cabinet. Rejuvenate with our broad selection of natural skin care products, herbal supplements, and injury recovery formulas.
All of the products are based on Chinese medicine and are all formulated with the idea of balancing the body to find relief of symptoms.

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