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I felt a deep serenity knowing Yael would be present

“It’s interesting for me to think about Yael’s role during my labor because I knew all along that she was going to be pivotal.  Long before I went into labor I felt a deep serenity knowing Yael would be present.  And then the day finally came.  Other than my partner, Yael was the first person to arrive.  Labor in it of itself is one of the truest moments of surrender, but when Yael came I finally felt like I could let go.  She began taking over what I could cognitively no longer partake in; ie when to call the midwife, when I should eat/drink, even breathe.  And that is just on a physical plane.  For me knowing I had a strong woman such as Yael by my side the entire time- who believed in me, elevated my spirits and therefore of course my labor.  She literally did not leave my side: emotionally, physically and even in spirit.”

~ Giulia S.

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