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Ready for the Wood Horse?

I wish you all a Happy New Year, and 2014 according to Chinese Astrology is the year of the “Wood Horse”. Each year is associated with an animal and an element. This year the Chinese New Year is on the new moon which falls on the eve of January 30th, and we can finally bid adieu to the “Water Snake” of 2013. The Chinese New year is a spring festival which falls on the second new Moon after the winter solstice, with the Sun and Moon in Aquarius.

What does all this mean? Well, the water element is all about reflection; it can be associated with fear stagnation or be fast paced like the white water rapids. The snake sheds its skin and is associated with malevolence, cattiness and mystery. Of course many great things happened in 2013: births, marriages, commitments, changes for the better, and seeds planted for the future, but HALLELUJAH let’s welcome the wood horse!

Now, the wood is associated with spring and growth, prosperity and as the sapling grows up through the earth, it makes me think of us overcoming obstacles and moving forward. How great that it is coupled with the horse, which gallops forward with its mane blowing glamorously in the wind. The horse year is a time of fast victories, unexpected adventures, and surprise romance, making me quite optimistic that this year will prove to be full of wonderful amazement! Not to mention that due to the strong nature of the horse, this is the time to act fast, purchase that home, start your business, travel the world, and have revolutionary breakthroughs; now that sounds amazing to me!

Let’s get on the horse, and gallop through 2014 with our heads held high that we are doing our absolute best every day!

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