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Welcoming the Spring Equinox & Aries New Moon

The Aries new moon arrives on March 21st, 2023, at 1:23 PM ET. 2023’s new moon in Aries sparks momentum in your personal projects and passions. Now’s the time to commit! Take notes, get organized, and follow through with your goals. Utilize the tools at your disposal. Maybe you succeed at making vision boards, having a mentor or coach guide you, or even by taking a leap of faith. Do what you need to fuel the fire.


Liver Qi Stagnation

Who really considers their liver? Is it just a wedge-shaped spongy organ that somehow soaks up alcohol and squeezes out blood and digestive biochemicals? An imperfect champion of modern life, buffering us from the burden of late-night fries and whiskey, only to be guiltily appeased with salads and fresh juices the next morning? What is this being with whom we have such a tumultuous relationship? It is time to get to know the value of the liver according to Chinese medical theory.


Is insomnia keeping you up at night?

Woman in bed with hands covering her eyes.

If you are suffering from insomnia or unable to get a good night’s rest, you are not alone. Around 60 million Americans experience insomnia and sleep related problems on a daily basis. Prescription sleeping pills are one of the most highly overused medications and can lead to side effects and addiction. Acupuncture is a centuries-old practice that has been proven to help sleep disorders without the risk of addiction or putting chemicals in the body. 


6 Ways to Stay Mentally Strong

6 Ways to Stay Mentally Strong

Just as we develop our physical muscles to gain strength and maintain our health, we also need to pay attention to strengthening our mental muscles. Learning to develop mental strength can help in many ways from overcoming challenging situations, to learning from and bouncing back from failure to viewing these challenges as opportunities for growth. Read on for six healthy habits you can develop to maintain your mental strength.  continue reading »

What’s standing in your way of optimal fertility?

Pregnant Woman

Infertility affects so many women today. 50% are attributed to female factor infertility and 20–30% to male factor infertility, while 20–30% is due to a combination of both male and female factors. The high costs of IVF and other assisted reproductive technologies (ART) have made these options prohibitively expensive for many couples who wish to conceive. So, what other options do you have to support your health when trying to conceive?

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